Food Vendor Information

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Food Vendor Requirements

Return of a completed application and the additional requirements below does NOT GUARANTEE acceptance of your booth at our event. If you are not accepted, there will be no charge and any payment submitted with your materials will be returned. If accepted, all payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE.

As a food vendor at Extreme Thunder USA, you are required to provide the following items to be considered:

  • Completed application, please indicate any extra needs (electric, camping, storage, etc.).

  • At the event, a fee of 20% of gross sales for food vendors will be imposed.

  • Current Eau Claire or Wisconsin Sales Tax number.

  • Current Wisconsin or Eau Claire Retail Food Establishment License.

  • Proof of insurance liability coverage, minimum $500,000 liability. A Certificate of Liability showing Extreme Thunder USA as the additional insured certificate holder with the event dates listed must be Submitted with your application or have your Insurance agent email direct to

  • Deposit of $200.00 that will be refunded at time of food & beverage tickets for dollars payout.

  • Picture of your set-up and detailed diagram showing booth dimensions and a serving side.

  • Menu with pricing, listing ALL foods you would like considered for the event.

Note: There is a limit of (6) six items per menu.
Payment Deadline: August 1st, 2023

View our Food Vendor Rules and Regulations


Our food vendor space is limited and will fill quickly. The sooner you return your materials, the better chance you have of being accepted. If approved, you will receive a confirmation via email/mail along with specific event information and detailed rules and regulations.

If rejected, you will receive an email or a letter in the mail explaining why. If you paid by check or money order, it will be returned with the denial letter.

All camping and access materials will be available for pick-up when you arrive at the event gate.


As an accepted food vendor at Extreme Thunder USA, we will provide you with the following:

  • Concession space (within one of two outlined food court areas) for sales of your product(s).

  • Electricity at a reasonable rate. If additional is required, it must be requested and paid for.

  • Event access for you and your workers. Number of employees is subject to management approval.

Depending on your booth size, you will receive the following number of weekend vendor passes FREE of charge. Any additional passes must be requested and paid for before the day of the event at the price of $25 per single day pass.

10 x 10 space = Up to two (2) weekend vendor passes, and two (2) parking passes
20 x 20 space = Up to four (4) weekend vendor passes, and three (3) parking passes

  • One (1) complimentary camping space, if requested.

  • Vendor vehicle access to the grounds for set-up and daily restocking. 8am – 3pm.

  • Accurate and timely accounting methods during the event, as well as prompt payment.


We value all our vendors and would like to have them return each year, but we do have expectations.

First and foremost, we trust that your actions and booth appearance will be professional while you deliver a savory product that the crowd enjoys. Many of our event attendees will return  and they will continue to visit your booth if they are treated right.

We DO NOT allow pets on the event grounds. This applies to BOTH vendors and event attendees.

NO motorized vehicles or scooters are allowed on the grounds or in camping areas.

We expect you will keep your food booth open until the last race begins each night: